I started this blog to use as a diary, a place to vent my feelings when it seemed like nothing else would help. But, now that things are starting to look up and I have officially started my adult life, I figure I should share the mini successes, the big failures, and the lessons I learn from both.ย So, if you are twenty-something or about to be twenty-something, maybe you can learn from my mistakes. Or give me tips to not make those mistakes in the first place.

A little bit about me: My name is Caitlin Maira. I am 21. I am a Polynesian Dancer, hence the Hawaiian terms and love for flower crowns (yes, I have loved flower crowns since before Snapchat even had filters and Coachella was the #instagoals for all millennials). I believe in lots of things, but I’m trying this new thing of believing in myself and my generation since none of the older generations are gonna do that for us.

What makes me a qualified adulting expert? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I am not claiming to be an expert. I am simply a millennial girl living in a ridiculously expensive apartment in the ridiculously expensive Vancouver, Canada. But, I still love it. So, if I can manage to find the good in seemingly horrid situations, I think my story-telling skills could help the next millennial who is dealing with the same struggles as I have.

And, if you have a lesson you would like to share with me, and anyone else reading, do not hesitate to email me on the Contact page. Us millennials have to stick together if we want to prove that we are not a wasted generation.

Are you ready to adult? Neither am I but, we have to do it either way!

Mahalo and Aloha,

Caitlin Maira