Leaves May Fall, Doesn’t Mean You Have To

It’s important to find the beauty in the little things.  The charm that comes with a bright and sunny autumn day is pleasant at the sight and welcoming in its presence.

The day can start off horribly; you’re late for work, woke up on the wrong side of the bed, got into a fight with your housemates, or family, or partner. But, on a day like today, as the coloured leaves fall from the remarkably aged trees and the hot sun beams down on you, you throw your winter jacket back inside and go about the day in your perfect fall outfit.

Say you put your headphones in and play a lively song. It enchants you, adding a skip to your step and a smile on your face. You may choose to bob your head and sing along, or you may choose to live in your high spirits all by yourself. Even having a smile on your face can promote a smile on others.

There are other days better suited for crying. Crying never has to be shameful or taboo, just so long as you know when and where is best for you to live out those dreadful, but much needed days. Days when it is raining and gloomy make for a perfect time to curl up in bed, eat some ice cream, and cry at sad movies with happy endings. But, today isn’t the day.

Today, you should be thankful for the pleasures that you have. You should smile at those who aren’t and have a conversation with those who are. Learn new things, gain new perspectives, and, most importantly, realize that you aren’t like one of those dead leaves falling off of those aged trees; realize that you’re the one flying with the wind, taking in new sights and making new memories.

It’s easy to get stressed. It’s easy to get frustrated and hurt by the everyday issues. If you don’t take advantage of the heavenly things, your life might pass you by.

It’s important to find bliss despite the chaos that may surround you.


Mahalo and Aloha,