Just an Introduction

I’m still learning. That’s quite obvious I think. I think you never stop learning. Almost every time I talk to older people, I ask them a very important question: “Does it ever get easier?” To which they almost always reply with, “Never.” You think after seven million years on Earth, humans would have figured out how to make life easier. Well, I suppose there’s the whole thing that the smarter humans get, the more shit they have to deal with.

Oh, and I would like to forewarn anyone who does read my blog: I will cuss a fuck ton. Sorry if that offends you. I just find that swear words add emphasis to my points. And it’s just fun.

Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh, right. Life. God, life is just a shit show. I believe in all of those things that guide life, you know, like destiny, fate, karma, etc. Definitely karma though. That is a big one for me because I have been witness to many a time where karma certainly was a bitch. Not just me, to other people to. I’m still waiting on karma to smite some people who have crossed me. Not anything serious, like physical harm, just something so the justice in the world is fulfilled.

The other things, like destiny and fate, I’m still waiting on proof. But I think it’s there. Just like aliens. There has to be aliens out there. Come on people. We are one of billions of planets in this universe and there are probably billions more in other universes. There has to be at least one other planet with life on it.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for everyone. Not that I am super religious or anything. I do believe in God. I was baptized and raised on Catholic faith but I stopped going to church when my mom started dating the man who raised me. I would like to start going to church again though. Last time I went, it was for a wedding and I remember the pastor was talking about love and loving each other and all that. I remember being inspired. I like being inspired. I think it gives me a sense of purpose. I feel like when I get inspired, it is God’s way of pushing me on to the right path.

Sorry for all you atheists and agnostic people reading this. I’m not just going to talk about God and Jesus and prayer on this blog. It’s not that type of blog. I’m mainly just rambling.

I don’t have much to get off my chest today. I’m going to try to post at least once a week. Sometimes it will be a way to vent about things that have happened in my life at the present moment, sometimes it will be a story from my past, and other times it will be what I hope for my future. Think of this as some kind of diary for me. Plus, I like writing so, it’s fun to write stories about things I know, like my life.

Mahalo and Aloha,



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